Space Theme Kids wall decal - Playroom Decal

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  • Space theme, planets, astronaut, alien, galaxy kids wall decal for kids room. Decorate your kid's room, daycare center, classroom or library with this decal set & the little ones will love it!


    • Astronauts, Stars, Comets, Rocket's blast off smoke: Choose 1 color
    • Big rocket ship, Alien: Choose 1 color 
    • Small rocket ship, Aliens: Choose 1 color
    • The alien space ship, Flag: Choose 1 color 
    • Jupiter, Astronaut's shoes and belt, etc: Choose 1 color
    • Saturn, Earth, Alien: 1 color
    • Planets, Milky Way: 1 color
    • Sun, Fish: Choose 1 color
    • Dog: Choose 1 color
    • Cat: Choose 1 color

  • Item No. 30027
    Overall Dimensions 145”w x 86”h (approx.)
    What's Included
    Product Type 100% Removable Wall Decal
    Origin USA

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