Owls on Birch Tree Wall Decal

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  • One of our best-selling wall decal, "Owls on Birch Tree Wall Decal", has a minimalistic design that makes it appealing and beautiful to look at. An ideal decal to put up for nurseries and children’s room with its adorable look.

  • Item No. 90137
    Overall Dimensions 120” W x 96” H (approx.)
    Tree Dimensions 1x 30"W x 96"H
    1x 28.5"W x 96"H
    1x 49"W x 96"H
    What's Included
    3 Trees & leaves
    2 Owls
    2 Birdhouses
    7 Birds
    Product Type 100% Removable wall decal
    Origin USA

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