Flying Pink Clouds Removable WallPaper

$40.00 USD
  • Do your girls love the sight of the peaceful clouds, but would prefer the color pink instead of blue? Then this wallpaper is the perfect choice for your darling girls. A pink variant of our own Sky Blue Air Balloon, it’s another fantastic choice to put on your walls.

    Flying Pink Clouds Peel & Stick Fabric WallPaper has adhesive back with repositionable and removable. It also can be re-applied over and over and  adhesive does not weaken or strengthen over time.  All Pinknbluebaby's Premium Fabric WallPapers are Eco-friendly and non toxic.

  • Item No. WP9039
    Dimensions 24" W x 48"H 
    Whats Included
    1 sheet x 24" x 48" Wallpaper
    Product Type Fabric WallPaper, Removable, Repositionable. Eco-Friendly
    Origin USA

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