Flowers - Peel and Stick Repositionable Stickers

$130.00 USD
[ITEM NO. PS10004] Flowers - Peel and Stick Repositionable Stickers

Set Print Size: 69”w x 47”h (approx.)
Flower Size:

♥ 5 Flowers
♥ 13 Leaves

• The above items are all separated so you can place them wherever you wish.

• This sticker can be applied to lightly textured walls except for heavy grainy or sandy. Please ask us first to find out whether your textured wall is work or not.

• Our stickers can be removed easily without any residue.

• All of our decals are designed and made in USA

Please check more of our designs at

Designed & Copyrighted All Artwork by Pinknbluebaby
© 2020 Pinknbluebaby All rights reserved.

Materials: adhesive backed fabric,peel and stick sticker,repositionable,removable mural,adhesive backed fabric sticker,Fabric

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