Simply Stated

Pinknbluebaby is a design firm, manufacturer and online reseller of luxury decals for especially baby nursery and kids' rooms.  Pink n Blue baby is already known internationally for timeless design and attention to detail. We designed and decorated baby nurseries ranging in beautiful themes., the Pinknbluebaby brand was launched in New York 2011 as an all new design concept offering specialty luxury wall decal products and services that influence the modern lifestyles of The Stylish and The Tasteful.

A Few Words

A few words that describe the brand include - Innovative, Stylish, Attainable, Impressive. All our non-stop breathtaking design selections of it's order to make and gift goods as well as its impressive custom design for someone who has first time baby.

Creative Leader, Innovator

Recognized as one of New York's foremost and one of leading creative art graphic design companies in the interior decorating industry, the Pinknbluebaby's highest creative designs has been decorated in many memorable buildings at New York city and also appeared on FX TV series "Justified" on spring, 2014