Woodland Animal Friends Playroom Wall Decal

Color Chart

  • Nature-themed nurseries are a great way for outdoorsy parents to share their passion for nature with their family. This decor option is also completely gender neutral for those who choose not to find out if they are having a boy or girl or if they just choose not to sway toward more traditional color choices.

  • Item No. 90526
    Overall Dimensions 165”W x 96”H (approx.)
    Colors In listing

    > 3 Pine Trees, 1 Small Shrub : Dark Green
    > 1 Pine Tree, 2 Shrubs, Leaves, Grass: Olive
    > Rocks, Stump : Brown
    > Bear: Brown
    > Deer, Fawn, Mushrooms: Light Brown
    > Raccoon: Middle Grey
    > Fox: Persimmon
    > Raccoon : Light Grey
    > Bunnies : Beige
    > Squirrels, Mushrooms : Nut Brown
    > Hedgehog : Beige and Black

    Product Type 100% Removable wall decal
    Origin USA

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