Underwater Aqua World Playroom

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  • Going to an Aquarium is bound to be fun because of all different sea creatures that are available to see there. This underwater decal is designed to appeal to children with its colorful atmosphere. Recreated in a playful and attractive style, make your child’s room a underwater kingdom.


    * Starfish, Seashells and 1 Tropical fish are same color with Turtle
    * Seahorse and 1 Group of fish
    * 1 Group of fish, 1 Crab and 1 Tropical fish
    * Small sea plants, 5 Tropical fish and Coral

  • Item No. 90318
    Overall Dimensions 160”w x 96”h (approx.)
    Whats Included
    Waves, Bubbles
    3 Whales
    1 Turtle
    1 Octopus
    5 Jellyfishes
    2 Seahorses
    2 Big Seaweeds
    3 Sea plants
    7 Tropical fishes
    1 Coral
    2 Crabs
    2 Group of fishes
    2 Kissing fishes
    4 Seashells
    3 Starfishes
    Product Type Removable wall decal
    Origin USA

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