Playroom Wall Decal : Alphabet Tree and Growth Chart

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  • Making a playroom for kid's room is a lot of fun! Pinknbluebaby's exclusive design gives more sophisticated colors while also giving the freedom to help themes easily adapt as your child grows. Children responds to energetic decor with bright colors; our Playroom Wall Decal is the choice to makes your child's room one of the great places in your home to go bold.

  • Item No. 90129
    Overall Dimensions 197”W x 96”H (approx.)
    Tree Dimensions Tree: 117”W x 96”H
    Branch : 61.5"W
    Whats Included
    1 Tree w/ Growth Chart
    1 Stump
    1 Branch
    Leaves with Alphabets
    5 Clouds
    1 Sun
    1 Elephant w/ Splash Water
    2 Monkeys (Boy & Girl)
    1 Giraffe
    1 Lion
    5 Squirrels
    1 Owl
    6 Birds
    7 Grasses
    1 Swing Tire
    1 Set of Acorn
    Product Type 100% Removable wall decal
    Origin USA

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